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Editor’s note: This is another installment in our “where-are-they-now” feature. Earlier entries include updated bios of Steve Boom, Thomas Brew, and Jhon Akers. Boschert, a Marianist at the Villa in the ’60s, is also the author of our section on the end of the villa. Send yours today to villastjean@gmail.com and include a picture.
Let your classmates know what you’re up to…
In September/October  of 1969, the last VSJ school year, I made my definite decision to leave religious life, after having thought it over for several years.
  In November I informed my superiors in St. Louis that I would be leaving the order and in January I wrote to the Pope asking to be released from my vows as a Marianist.  In April the dispensation arrived and from that point on I ceased being a Marianist brother.
 I had asked Brother Moran and the Marianists if I could continue to live and work at the Villa as a layman. I was allowed to do so, and as far as I know, it may have been the first time anyone had left the order and continued to live in the community with the Brothers and continue to follow their daily routine.

It was as though nothing had changed in my relationship with the brothers and with the students. I don’t think any of the students were aware I was no longer a brother.  I continued living in Ormes and everything seemed very normal.
 As I now returned to lay status some things changed, however. First of all I had to find work once the school year ended. Secondly, it was now normal to think of an eventual married life. As I then very definitely wanted to stay in the international sphere of education I sent out inquiries to a number of international schools in Europe.
 Fortunately, the Stavanger American School in Stavanger, Norway, was interested and I was hired as Director. I very much enjoyed the Norwegian experience, but I was always keeping an eye open to return someday to Switzerland.
After two years in Stavanger I was once again fortunate in that Collège du Léman International School in Versoix, a suburb of Geneva, had an opening and I was hired as Assistant Headmaster.
 It was my hope that I would be happy with CDL and they would be happy with me, and that I would be able to spend the rest of my professional career there.  And that is the way things turned out. I stayed there for the next thirty years as head of the Anglo-American section.
Five years ago I retired but have continued to help out from time to time as I live just a few minutes walk from the school.  My wife, Hélène. is also from Fribourg, which gives us reason to go back there frequently. We have three daughters, all living in the Geneva area, and two wonderful grandsons.

— Cyril Boschert, February 2007

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Villa St. Jean was a Marianist school in Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1903-1970. This blog site is intended as a forum for Villa alumni to share memories, pictures and connections.
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