The villa from space..

Let’s forget for a second what dinosaurs we are, and how the Villa pretty much pre-dates everything that might be described as remotely modern. Who might have envisioned satellite photos of the campus displayed on the Internet?
Attached are two Google Earth snapshots of the Villa grounds, one from directly overhead and the other at an angle.  If you’ve not experimented with Google Earth, your editorial staff at recommend it.. 

If you look closely, you’ll see the Boulevard de Perolles intersecting with Rue du Botzet. (Wasn’t there a kiosk/market at the corner once?)

And, it may be a trick of the mind, but I believe the roof of the only remaining Villa building, Gallia, is visible. The woods, the ravine and the bend in the Saane are eternal.

Gallia’s survival is documented here.

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Villa St. Jean was a Marianist school in Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1903-1970. This blog site is intended as a forum for Villa alumni to share memories, pictures and connections.
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