Catching up with Cliff Thompson, vsj ’67

Editor’s Note: Here is another installment of our irregular features, in which we catch up with citizens of the Villa nation. Previous entries have include bios of Steve Boom, Cyril Boschert, Tom Brew and Jhon Akers. Cliff, as you may recall, was a regular contributor to the Di Palma site, a member of the Sufferin’ Kind and a tech wonker. He and his wife live in Los Altos, California, ground zero of Silicon Valley.

WORK I’m currently into includes…

Mobile Software Development: My main activity is as a contractor/developer of Microsoft Mobile software applications for Tablet PC & Pocket PC Phone Edition (coming mid 07, an Apple iPhone “nuker”, the Wireless Broadband Enterprise-class  i-mate Ultimate 7150 Pocket PC). A particular interest is running dashboard suites of virtual machines/lab instruments on PDAs using Labview for Windows Mobile & it’s PDA Module.

Stock Trading: As a backup/alternate revenue resource, I’m getting started in online stock trading/investing using the software WizeTrade.


Appropriate Technology (AT) Startup/Non-Profit project: To better get the AT referenced on my Friends of African Outlet website into the hands of developing nation villagers, I’m looking at getting the necessary paperwork together (business plan, etc) to form a Startup or Non-Profit for funded rollout of village AT projects.   The projects’ aim is initially to make available online a suite of “Peace Corps type” libraries of AT & medical info for village needs, while later it may include village elder video conferencing. As my project utilizes both Google & Microsoft software about evenly, pitching to Venture Philanthropy groups like &/or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are likely candidates. Right now the project is in the prototype development stage, but I have a “tour via screen shot” at Village Computer Remote Desktop Project.


Health: I’m working out 3-5 time a week on my home gym, currently trying out new equipment for integrated Cardio/Vascular Aerobic, Muscle Strength, Stretching & Flexibility, the all-in-1 Total Gym XL+Cyclo Trainer.
Robots : Right now we’re in a “wait-&-see” mode for when Japanese Humanoid Robots become generally available, current favorites being Sony QRIO & Honda ASIMO.
Travels: Upcoming are some planned initial forays into the South Pacific/Oceania tropical island group regions, following the path of the Polynesian/Melanesian Voyages of Discovery, so initial candidate destinations are New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji…likely by following the itinerary of French travel film maker, retired rock star Antoine, as in his films “Once Upon an Island”, trailing  his catamaran Banana Split along it’s own South Pacific voyage of discovery… …(ulterior motive? why, of course to test out that ultralight island hopping 😉 . 
Flying: Ultralights of the Power Paraglider (PPG) & PPG Trike variety, ideally amphibious, are a main interest.
Music: I’m currently focused on developing music using Apple GarageBand software, playing a Technics Synthesizer & getting better at music theory by learning from the book “How to Play the Piano Despite Years of Lessons.”
Science: I’m monitoring popular accounts of developments regards our understanding of the universe & reality, particularly quantum theory and superstring/unified field theory.
Philosophy/Religion: Searching for a practical, efficient & effective path to illumination/enlightenment that should be available to Everyman (or as Jung put it, “achieving active, dynamic contact with the Collective Unconsciousness”), I’m regularly exploring achieving altered states of consciousness by ancient (hence proven reliable) yoga-like techniques called Holotropic Breathing and Rhythmic Drumming/Chanting (the latter utilizes a physics phenomena “rhythmic entrainment” to force the brain to alter to different brain wave states when those frequencies are encountered for extended time periods outside.
R&R: Weekends often find me on a Northern California river bank, picnicking, tanning and swimming at favorite Swimming Holes.

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Villa St. Jean was a Marianist school in Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1903-1970. This blog site is intended as a forum for Villa alumni to share memories, pictures and connections.
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