The Swiss and the president-elect ….

Brian Lawler, 1968 graduate of the Villa and trans-Alpine runner, sends along this link detailing the reaction of the Swiss media to the election victory of Senator Obama.
The president-elect is 47, by the way, which means he was a first-grade student when Mr. Lawler received his degree from the Villa.

In case the link expires, here’s the lead:

“Historic” was the word often repeated in Switzerland’s newspapers on Thursday to describe the election of Barack Obama as the United States’ next president.
They were in agreement that Obama would help overcome racial discrimination in the US but there were words of caution in some of the commentaries.
“The whole world is counting on Obama” was the front-page headline in the tabloid Blick, above a picture of the president-elect carrying a globe on his shoulders.
“What the people in the US saw – and everyone in the world – was something great and strong: Hope. Hope for a different, better world than one of war, lies and greed,” Blick said in its commentary.
“The press are quick to use the word ‘historic’ when describing exceptional events,” said the Bern-based Bund. “The term is not always appropriate but for this year’s US presidential election one can speak of a milestone.”

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