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The mind reels….

As a classmate of Anson Dorrance, I suppose I could have imagined him pursing a career in sports. The committee recalls Anson as the most athletic member of the villa class of 1969, which — to be fair — is … Continue reading

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Boschert speaks!

All: The context for this is a bit complicated but we thought we’d pass along comments made by Cyril Boschert, who taught at the Villa 40 years ago as Brother Cyril and is fondly remembered by all those associated with … Continue reading

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Turning back the clock..

What might you do differently if you could relive your youth and Villa years? (First, the editors would have taken credit, in some fashion, for a blog in the future. And anticipated the recent market meltdown) But Michael Childs, in … Continue reading

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Fribourg, the music video…

This was passed along to our gang from Mr. MacIntyre, who lived in Fribourg before the advent of YouTube and even music videos.. FribourgVideo And here’s another, found by our research staff with, perhaps, even better city scenes. Read and … Continue reading

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