Boschert speaks!

The context for this is a bit complicated but we thought we’d pass along comments made by Cyril Boschert, who taught at the Villa 40 years ago as Brother Cyril and is fondly remembered by all those associated with this blog.
Mr. Boschert, who has weighed in before, responded to an e-mail thread about remembering the villa.
We have elected to preserve his comments here as e-mail is so perishable.
And we’ve appended a reply from Rex Harrison, vsj ’68.

— the editors

Anybody remember the Saint Nicolas procession through town, with St Nick riding his white donkey while throwing out ginger breads, and the Pere Fouettard, the bogeyman, searching for the kids who were not too good during the year?
  I was there last night, along with thousands of others, despite the slight rain and chilling temperatures. We go often with our grandkids. The oldest is six so they are still impressed. One was particularly concerned because the Pere Fouettard looked at him a long time without saying anything.
 He was greatly relieved when the bogeyman moved on.
I’m living in Versoix (just outside of Geneva) with my wife and our daughters and their families. I worked for thirty years at Collège du Léman, an old sports rival of VSJ. During some of those years I worked with Herve Frichot and Riccardo Laj who had also worked at the Villa.  Anyone remember them.?
I also ran into Nabih Yammine about a year ago at a funeral. He also worked at the Villa in its last years. Werner Dobner came down from Germany this summer and spent some time with us. I know a lot of people remember him.
Keep up the memories.
Cyril Boschert (ex Brother Cyril)

Ex Bro. Cyril,    
Of course I remember all of you. I’ve always remembered Bro. Dobner sharing his childhood memories of the Allied bombing of his hometown (Dussledorf or Bremen) because it was an industrial city. Do you know his childhood hometown? Tell him I said hi, he was a great influence on me.
 Sincerely, Eric(Rex) 68′

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Villa St. Jean was a Marianist school in Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1903-1970. This blog site is intended as a forum for Villa alumni to share memories, pictures and connections.
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