A chance encounter in Maui..

What are the odds on this one?

 One of our junior editors, Thomas Brew, reports that he was jogging with his wife, Dawn, on the streets of Kihei, Maui, when he spotted his fellow ’69 alumni Mike D’Annunzio.
To be fair, Brew was aware that D’Annunzio owned a vacation condo in Maui, but he hadn’t seen Mike in a few years and had no inkling he was on the island.
(Brew is an editor at msnbc.com and lives in a suburb east of Seattle, near the Microsoft campus. D’Annunzio and his wife, Vicki, live in Seattle’s Capitol Hill area.  Mike works at Boeing; Vicki’s a yoga instructor. Both Mike and Tom have two children; Mike’s are older.)
Years ago, Brew and D’Annunzio were Bossuet skiing partners. They were not necessairly noted for their skills … but noted nonetheless..
Tom and Mike met later in the day, as the D’Annunzios were set to leave the island the next day.
 Over a beer, they caught up on recent events and ruminated about the prospects for electrical cars. They discovered that both couples have taken up tennis in their advancing years.
And they wondered, too, about the odds on two Villa alumni running into one another, randomly, on a street in Hawaii 40 years and a month after leaving Fribourg..

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Villa St. Jean was a Marianist school in Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1903-1970. This blog site is intended as a forum for Villa alumni to share memories, pictures and connections.
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