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Gallia stands alone …

All: Our photography team is still catching up the treasure of pictures and old yearbooks sent to our offices by our esteemed alumni. Here is a recent photo of Gallia, the only surviving structure of our old school. Our correspondents … Continue reading

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50 years ago at the Villa…

Our photo desk is still going over the vast library of material released by François Marchal (see this post). We thought we’d pass along a couple more excerpts, these from the 1959-60 yearbook, a half-century ago, and the twilight period of … Continue reading

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Old VSJ yearbooks preserved

François Marchal, one of our esteemed senior alumni from the Villa’s French days, has taken the trouble to scan and preserve some VSJ yearbooks from the late 1940s to 1960-61. It’s a stagering amount of work that adds, significantly, to … Continue reading

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