To our teachers at Villa St. Jean International School
who brought us the best mankind has to offer
who lifted the veil of ignorance from our eyes
who guided us to be strong in body, heart, mind & spirit
to not take ourselves too seriously, and keep a sense of humor

Who inspired us to “see with the heart”; and in our human family
showed us how to live together, work together, play together
and replace stereotyping and condemnation, arising from how we are different
with compassion, understanding & friendship, arising from how much more we are alike

Who instilled in us the intelligence and desire, courage and fortitude
to work for a brighter tomorrow, replacing suffering with prosperity
to make a better world, resisting and overcoming tyranny
we are the elders now, we are the heroes we seek

May this site reflect the fruits of your labors & your teachings
as we carry the legacy of what you passed on to us
out into the world wherever it is needed
may what we place here honor your achievement
and serve to benefit our children, future generations and planet earth

Thank you, sirs, from your family of (then)
young grasshoppers

Villa St. Jean was a Marianist school in Fribourg, Switzerland, from 1903-1971. The Marianist creed for the school and its students was “the Whole Man.” The student body was a diverse religious mix of Catholics and Protestants, Muslims and Buddhists, consistent with its international character and mix of nationalities. A number of illustrious alumni attended the Villa, as reported in the schools’ Wikipedia entry, as well as by Villa St. Jean Alumni Community Developer Steve MacIntyre and current Villa Blog Administrator Cliff Thompson, to whit:

  • Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, ‘17, the aviator and author, considered by many to be among the greatest French writers of the twentieth century
  • Juan Carlos I, ‘46, the current King of Spain
  • Anson Dorrance, ‘69, famed soccer coach
  • Michael Litton ,‘68, chocolate entrepreneur
  • Selim Deringil, ‘69, Turkish historian
  • Rio Helmi, ‘71, Indonesian photographer
  • Dr. Marc S. Allen, ’67, NASA Science Mission Directorate Assistant Associate Administrator for Strategy, Policy, and International
  • Traver Gruen-Kennedy, ’71, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, earlier Chief Strategist and Vice President of computer virtualization leader Citrix Systems, currently Chairman and CEO of Molecular Power Systems, an emerging leader in hydrogen fuel fuel technology

This blog site is intended as a forum for Villa alumni to share memories, pictures and connections. The Villa St. Jean Blog project is a production of the Bossuet Material Support Committee.

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  1. I translated into french the article about Villa Saint Jean writen by Tom Brew and Steve Mac Intyre for WIKIPEDIA and added my own commentaries. My purpose was to have an article in French about Villa St Jean in the french WIKIPEDIA. For some unknown reason, I could not copy the pictures of the original English article in my new text. Therefore I published it on my own blog instead of WIKIPEDIA.

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