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American Indian Association (AIA) of Florida, Inc.’s 23rd Annual AIA Orlando Powwow, November 6 – 8, 2009. The intertribal powwow hosted many different tribes from all over the country, including Seminole, Cherokee, Lakota, Iroquois, Navaho, Zuni, Hopi & Ojibowa. Great Circle dances included Women’s & Children’s Traditional, featuring Cloth, Buckskin, Jingle Dress & Butterfly, as well as Men’s dances, including War, Sneak-up & Hoop dances, all interspersed with several Intertribal mêlée dances around the great circle. Attending with videocam, & specifically on the lookout for Native American food recipes, was Villa alumni Cliff Thompson ‘67.



King-Palin Interview (HD 720)

An animation from Villa Alumni Cliff Thompson ’67’s
Hyperman Virtual Studios

“Newsweek magazine political journalist Jacob Weisberg writes ‘Tina Fey’s caricature of Palin as an unprepared high-school student trying to bluff her way through an oral exam by mugging and flirting hit its mark not merely because of the genius of the mimicry, but because of its fundamentally accurate diagnosis of Palin as bulls–t artist. Her exuberant incoherence testifies to an unusually wide gulf between confidence and ability. She is proud of what she doesn’t know and contemptuous of those ‘experts’ and ‘elitists’ who are too knowledgeable to be trusted…The issue is that she rarely appears to have the slightest grasp of what she’s talking about'”…Under a Palin Presidency, with her religiosity powering her interpretation of enforcing “God’s will” onto a modern secular society founded on separation of Church and State, how would we differentiate ourselves from any other religion-run country (think replace “Christian” with “Muslim”)? Is the country to be taken over by Palin and her minions acting as the new all powerful, all controlling Mullahs? In our educational institutions, where conflicts arise between Science and Religion, are we to expect and participate in enforcing Fatwa-like edicts against Science, Logic and Reason, instead championing the cause of Creationism?…As the prospect of a Palin Presidency is as scary to me as it is to Weisberg, I am inspired by the earlier Frost-Nixon Interviews (if only something like these could have given us a glimpse of Nixon’s character before the Presidential campaign). In these virtual King-Palin Interview animations, I’ve aimed to combine the factual approaches of these two ways of viewing a potential Presidential candidate, to aid people in drawing their own conclusions, before the next election. In the animations, Larry asks Sarah a selection of questions culled from her many interviews and speeches, to determine to what extent “she rarely appears to have the slightest grasp of what she’s talking about”, & to what extent she’s just BS’ing her way through an issue. Larry’s reaction occasionally expresses the “shock and awe” (more like “shock and disbelief”) over the incredulity of her remarks that I sometimes experience during first contact viewings of her talks. Sarah’s responses are exact quotes of her original responses, as recorded in transcripts of her replies”. Read more, especially expanded comments by Newsweek magazine political journalist Jacob Weisberg, by expanding the description below the YouTube player. — Comments from Description at YouTube King-Palin Interview HD 720, an Animation from Hyperman Virtual Studios, Director Villa Alumni Cliff Thompson ’67.


Monty Python’s John Cleese on Sarah Palin

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