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Mobile Portable Home Gyms

(Note: though the following promotional videos are a bit over-amped, they do show off the systems fairly well)

Weider X-Factor


Weider X-Factor & Bodylastics

A mobile portable gym system suitable for the traveler hotel room, mobile/motor home environment, & the home as well, are 2 systems based on resistance tubing, both of which systems offer a total body workout & fit into a small bag in a suitcase pretty well, one that attaches to a door, a $99 system providing 250 lbs. resistance, upgradeable to 360 lbs., the Weider X-Factor, & one that does not need a door, except for a door jam attachment for some optional exercises, a $50 system that offers resistance tubing up to 30 lbs./tube & a quick clip system supporting up to 7 tubes, totaling 210 lbs, per grip, the Bodylastics (see also Buffalo Bills Receiver Terrell Owens workout system  & high energy workout, which feature a system upgraded to 254 lbs., available from Bodylastics Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition).

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