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Performance at Villa St. Jean ’67 Graduation Ball (Silent 8 mm) video
Leaves of Mercy
A reference to the band in Tim Crothers Villa alumni Anson Dorrance book “The Man Watching: A Biography of Anson Dorrance, the Unlikely Architect of the Greatest College Sports Dynasty Ever” can be read in the edition at Google Books Preview


The Undecided! / Orange Wedge
The 8th grade band! Photo from guitarist (center) Traver Kennedy’s page on Facebook


 A while back Jhon emailed the Villa St. Jean Music Circle that he had purchased the CD of the Circle’s June 2005 Recommendation for Greatest World Ethnic Fusion Song of 2001 (which purchase lifted Circle staff’s spirits for well over a week Be right back), the track “Delhi Express” on the album “The Afro-Indian Project: Travels with the African



No Sleep for the Dreamers,
The Rowland Brothers
Sufferin’ Kind lead guitar Henry Rowland’s new group


Sufferin' Kind II - "Chattanooga Choogle"
Sufferin’ Kind II
Chattanooga Choogle
Mullah Moolah and The Infidels Orchestra - ''Rehearsal''
Mullah Moolah and The Infidels Orchestra
Predatory Tunicate - ''Rockin' Ravi Shankars' Talking Strings''
Predatory Tunicate
”Rockin’ Ravi Shankar’s Talking Strings”

Sufferin’ Kind keyboardist Cliff Thompson’s Virtual Bands, formed & enabled by the convergence of Instrument/Computer Virtualization, Cloud Computing & Web Apps  

  • Sufferin’ Kind II music is produced entirely on an Apple Mac PC running desktop apps GarageBand & Logic Studio. The software was provided by Apple Computer Audio Product Marketing Manager (& Cliff’s Godson) Jeff Taylor Cross, who shepherded these products to market. Of GarageBand Jeff emailed Cliff a note which read “…This product was the result of an enormous effort between Apple and our German counterparts Emagic…this application is the first of its kind…to bring ‘pro’ capabilities to the average computer user…The software instruments (both sample based and modeled instruments like the 70’s electric piano) are absolutely world class. I didn’t spare any expense making sure we had the very best we could find…I feel like a proud father…”.
  • Mullah Moolah and The Infidels Orchestra, as well as Predatory Tunicate, produce music in a virtual music studio running in the cloud as web apps named Music Creator Roc & Audio Editor Myna


Villa St. Jean’s House Band “The Sufferin’ Kind” aimed to recommend and provide the finest in music across many categories to VSJ alumni. The alumni in turn often recommended their choices for greatest hits, many of which songs became part of the band’s repertoire. The synergy between band & alumni became a great way for all of us to expand our musical horizons by sharing information on discoveries of great new music. A recent successful “Find your lost high school friends” search by VSJ alumni turned up all members of the band, which discovery lead to the creation of an historical webpage for The Sufferin’ Kind. The webpage additionally resumed  Music Circle activities in Web form by adding a section, The Sufferin’ Kind Music Circle, that offered a Music Circle monthly music recommendation from alumni-submitted favorites. When personal Internet Radio Stations began to appear, they offered a perfect way to share our music, so Cliff created RadioVillaStJean, which features a playlist comprised of the catalog of Music Circle recommendations. “The Sufferin’ Kind Music Circle” is an effort by interested “still-kicking” band members, alumni & “Friends of The Sufferin’ Kind Music Circle Project” to continue this great tradition, covering the period from the dispersal of the graduating classes in the late ’60s, down to the modern-day and future, as well as the past (such as Early Music and Flamenco), by continuing to ask, “What great music have you heard since then, what are your current recommendations for the greatest examples of music in any given category, music you’re listening to now as well as music from the past that still stands up to the test of time?”

After each album cover below is listed the recommended song, followed by the album name, then group name. Its possible to listen to, for some of the songs, the entire song on YouTube, where the song title below is a hyperlink; otherwise,  audio clip samples, for some of the albums, of the music for a whole album & individual songs, by clicking on the album cover below, & on the webpage that appears, for a whole album, depending on what controls are available, variously clicking “Listen to Samples / Listen to All Songs / Preview All Songs”, & for an individual song by clicking the Play control on the track listing

Hot smile
Tip: Listen to Music Circle tunes on demand, as background music while surfing the web.
1) In addition to your 1st main browser tab, launch an adjacent 2nd tab open to the Music Circle Album listing below
2) On the 2nd tab, right click a hyperlink song title & select Open in New Tab – a 3rd tab will appear but you don’t have to go there, the YouTube music will start playing automatically
3) Return to your 1st tab to resume surfing. As each song ends, “rinse & repeat” steps 2 & 3
(where rinse means close the 3rd tab, otherwise the YouTube tabs will pile up)

No Sleep for the Dreamers, The Rowland Brothers (Sufferin' Kind lead guitar Henry Rowland's new group)
Hydronic Herego Fame,
No Sleep for the Dreamers,
The Rowland Brothers
(Sufferin’ Kind lead guitar Henry Rowland’s new group)
                Hot smile
American Garage, Pat Metheny Group
The Search,
American Garage,
Pat Metheny Group
The Afro-Indian Project: Travels with the African, Various Artists 
Delhi Express,
The Afro-Indian Project: Travels with the African,
Various Artists
Blow by Blow, Jeff Beck
Freeway Jam,
Blow by Blow,
Jeff Beck
Cosmic Sounds, Zodiac
Virgo – The Perpetual Perfectionist,
Cosmic Sounds,
Indian Express/Mani & Co., L. Subramaniam
Guess What,
Indian Express/Mani & Co.,
L. Subramaniam
Emotion, Papa Wemba 
Papa Wemba
Eastern Energy, Twelve Girls Band 
The Great Valley,
Eastern Energy,
Twelve Girls Band
Black Diamond, The Rippingtons Black Diamond,
Black Diamond,
The Rippingtons
Outbound, Béla Fleck & the Flecktones 
Béla Fleck & the Flecktones
Is There Love in Space?, Joe Satriani 
Hands In The Air,
Is There Love in Space?,
Joe Satriani
To Our Children's Children's Children, The Moody Blues
Watching and Waiting,
To Our Children’s Children’s Children,
The Moody Blues
Cosmopoly, Andreas Vollenweider 
Andreas Vollenweider
Footprints, Jai Uttal 
Raghupati II,
Jai Uttal
Fuzzy Logic, David Benoit Fuzzy Logic,
Fuzzy Logic
David Benoit
Jurassic Shift, Ozric Tentacles 
urassic Shift,
Ozric Tentacles
Summon the Heroes, John Williams 
Bugler’s Dream/Olympic Fanfare and Theme,
Summon the Heroes,
John Williams
Best of Hiroshima, Hiroshima 
Another Place,
Best of Hiroshima, Hiroshima
Fifth Dimension, The Byrds
Eight Miles High,
Fifth Dimension,
The Byrds
Fresh Aire II, Mannheim Steamroller 
The Second Door,
Fresh Aire II,
Mannheim Steamroller
Volare! - The Very Best Of The Gipsy Kings, Gipsy Kings
Caminando Por la Calle,
!Volare! The Very Best Of The Gipsy Kings,
Gipsy Kings
Quest of the Dream Warrior, David Arkenstone 
The Magic Forest,
Quest of the Dream Warrior,
David Arkenstone
Equinoxe, Jean-Michel Jarre
Equinoxe Part 4,
Jean-Michel Jarre
Play, Mike Stern 
Mike Stern
Asian Fusion, Ancient Future 
Asian Fusion,
Ancient Future
Heat of the Sun, Strunz & Farah 
eat of the Sun,
Strunz & Farah
Group 87, Group 87
Magnificent Clockworks,
Group 87,
Group 87
Wind & Wuthering, Genesis
Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers
In that Quiet Earth,
(back-to-back as
1 continuous song),
Wind & Wuthering,

Caribbean Sun Dance Pt. 1, Caribbean Sun Dance Pt. 2,
(takes a while to download & play on your desktop media player)
Way Home,
Juan Carlos Quintero

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